307, 2019

Case Study: Tarps Vs. Shrink Wrap

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Class One Containment requirements specified by the SSPC. Class One provides a high level of emissions control with impenetrable walls, fully sealed joints, airlocks or re-sealed airways and negative air achievement.

Don Holt Bridge Tarp Collapse in July 2017

Class one containment can only really be achieved through shrink wrap. Class one containment is defined as keeping […]

1605, 2019

Shrink Wrap Containment for Roof Protection

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Pro-Tect Plastics & Supply provided roof protection in Santa Fe, NM using our top of the line shrink wrap containment process. Contact us for your next project.

1904, 2019

Protective Shrink Wrap for Bad Weather | Waterproof Shrink Wrap

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Don't sweat the bad weather when you use protective shrink wrap from Pro-Tect. Our waterproof shrink wrap is ready to save your next construction project.

103, 2019

4 Advantages to Shrink Wrap

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Check out these four tips on shrink wrapping from the experts at Pro-Tect. Our top-quality products are made to help your heat shrink wrap process go smoothly.

402, 2019

Choosing Your Reinforced Greenhouse Cover

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Choosing material is the first decision made when choosing your polyethylene greenhouse cover. Material needs to be efficient in performance and cost! Polyethylene covers help protect plants from pests and weather. Pro-Tects’ custom sized reinforced greenhouse cover material is thick and flexible and make excellent growing conditions in single or double layer poly greenhouses. Polyethylene […]

402, 2019

Air-Inflated Double Poly Film Greenhouse

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Air Inflated double lined what? No, we don’t mean it’s a blow up, no need to get light headed already.  Just giving you the 411 on a great installation method for best usage of your greenhouses!! Let’s get to it!

Picture Courtesy of Tunnel Vision Hoops LLC

Air -inflated double polyethylene film
layers for greenhouses represent around 80% […]

102, 2019

6 Tips for Healthy Greenhouse Poly

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Utilized Greenhouse Poly

Utilizing these tips will help to increase the lifespan of your greenhouse poly film. Ensure maximum greenhouse protection with quality film from Pro-Tect.

We’re hitting the early season for greenhouse poly ordering, and farmers are looking to complete their poly needs for the following grow season. Maintenance management and up to date poly is […]

3001, 2019

Shrink Wrap: The Easy Way

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Pro-Tect Plastics & Supply is an industry leader in scaffold shrink wrap. Learn our shrink wrap process and why our products are right for the job.

603, 2017

Control Your Working & Weather Conditions w/ Shrink Wrap

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Control Your Working & Weather Conditions w/ Shrink Wrap

Premium Construction Shrink Wrap is valued for its weather-proof, long-lasting and durability qualities. When installed properly, Shrink Wrap provides a strong, long-lasting barrier against harsh weather elements. This construction plastic allows construction companies to win bids by staying on schedule and cutting cost on production time.

Shrink Wrap […]

603, 2017

Attachment Methods for Boats and Large/ Small Equipment

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Attachment Methods for Boats and Large/ Small Equipment

Attachment may be the most important step to the Shrink Wrapping Process! Getting the tough skin tight barrier you desire, relies on proper attachment. Having a suitable attachment method ensures the plastic will not pull in or let air flow enter inside your enclosed wrap job. Make sure […]