Utilized Greenhouse Poly

Utilizing these tips will help to increase the lifespan of your greenhouse poly film. Ensure maximum greenhouse protection with quality film from Pro-Tect.

We’re hitting the early season for greenhouse poly ordering, and farmers are looking to complete their poly needs for the following grow season. Maintenance management and up to date poly is key to greenhouse protection and a successful grow season. Degraded poly can lead to sun spots coming down on your crop overheating.

Greenhouse poly film is designed to be UV and weather resistant, and under the right conditions can withstand 4 years of healthy growing. Here are 6 tips for increasing poly lifespan and being energy efficient. Happy growing!

Be Cool and use Dry Air to Inflate Your Double Layer Poly

When inflating your Greenhouse, use air from the outside because it will help you maintain the moisture level between your poly layers. Also, overtime the greenhouse chemicals will decrease the lifespan of your greenhouse poly film.

Air Deflectors On Your Air Inflators

Spreading out the air intake of the double layers will help increase lifespan on your greenhouse poly film.

Space Is Needed

Space is needed for double layer installations. You want between 4 to 8 inches of air space between the layers. Use a manometer to make sure your air pressure is between .2 and .45 inches on a cold windy day.

Chemicals Are A Greenhouse Poly Killer

Greenhouse Poly Film

Greenhouse poly is UV resistant to the deteriorating effects of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, but certain chemicals like sulphur and chlorine can deactivate the ultraviolet inhibitors in the poly. This shortens poly lifespan and may affect greenhouse protection, so keep harmful chemicals away. Beware, sulphur burners are a common source of sulphur buildup on poly surfaces. Sulphur Burners are used for disease prevention.

PVC Pipe Is Bad

PVC pipe is a bad choice with UV stabilized greenhouse poly film and may void your poly warranty.

Reduce Heat Buildup with Latex

Reduce heat buildup between greenhouse poly and your frame by applying white latex paint on your frame. By painting the frame and poly lock channels you can reduce friction and reflect excessive heat that degrades the greenhouse poly film at high stress points. Pro-Tect Plastics stocks a variety of poly and sizes for your convenience. Contact us today for a quote.