The Many Uses of Shrink Wrap Machines

Shrink wrap machines are often overlooked but useful pieces of equipment. They have tons of applications in offices, shops, and even at home. From safely securing palatalized boxes to sealing up food products for freshness, there are numerous projects that can be made easier and more efficient with the help of a shrink wrap machine.

stretch shrink wrap machine
Stretch Wrap Machine

Shrink Wrap for Easy Packaging, Storing and Shipping Solutions

You can use shrink wrap and shrink wrap machines in multiple ways. Palletized boxes can be covered with a shrink wrap bag and then heated for a tight custom fit with a shrink wrap heat gun. Shrink wrap tubing works well for other types of items where an adjustable length is beneficial. Some facilities use commercial shrink wrap machines to shrink wrap large loads or to handle a continuous flow of work. These machines wrap, heat, and seal items at the same time in a more automatic manner.

Shrink Wrapping Advantages

There are many benefits to using shrink wrap across various industries and operations. Shrink wrapping is a very simple process that only requires a few inexpensive items—shrink wrap film, a heat source, or a shrink wrap machine that provides both. Use a roll of shrink wrap film and a heat gun to waterproof, weatherproof or tamper proof just about anything. Shrink wrap can be used on items of any size and can protect oddly shaped or bulky items with ease. Shrink wrap film is also environmentally friendly as it can be recycled and remade into other plastic products for future use.

  • Protection: Heat shrink wrap creates a tight seal that protects whatever is wrapped in it from environmental elements, dust, moisture, UV damage, and more.
  • Evidence of Tampering: Shrink wrap conforms precisely to the item it is sealed around. Therefore, if a product such as medical equipment or prescription drugs that are shrink wrapped has been tampered with, it is immediately evident.
  • Strength: Shrink wrap is surprisingly tough and durable. It is difficult to puncture or break making it last through even the most extreme conditions.
  • Efficient and Inexpensive: Shrink wrap machines and associated supplies take up a relatively small amount of space, have a low cost, and perform quickly and efficiently.
  • Food Preservation: Food shrink wrap machines can be used to keep food fresh during transport or to extend the shelf life of food products.
  • Versatile: A shrink wrap machine is a great equipment investment because it can be used in so many ways. Secure, store, and keep safe items as tiny as electrical wires or as large as boats.

The Best Shrink Wrap Machine for Different Applications

You’re convinced that a shrink wrap machine would be a great addition to your business, shop, or home. Let’s look at various shrink wrap machines to determine which machines would be the best shrink wrap machine to use for your particular purpose.

Commercial Shrink Wrap Machine

In a product packaging situation, an L-bar commercial shrink wrap machine is a great choice. They are very affordable and easy to use. The single L-shaped bar makes it simple to package awkwardly-sized items and individual boxes. Commercial shrink wrap machines have the ability to seal hundreds of packages each day, although each run takes a few minutes. If your operation requires greater speed of volume, you will have to seek out alternatives to a standard commercial shrink wrap machine. 

Home Shrink Wrap Machine

Entrepreneurs, artists, and go-getters with a side hustle find a home shrink wrap machine very useful. Use a shrink wrap machine to wrap, pack, and ship virtually any product to your customers. Your customers’ purchases are not the only items that can benefit from a home shrink wrap machine. Store sporting equipment in your attic without the previously inevitable dust cover. Protect family mementos and keepsakes from damage. Use UV-proof film to eliminate damage to art and other objects from UV rays. The possibilities are endless.

Book Shrink Wrap Machine

Books are a commonly shrink wrapped item. Authors use a book shrink wrap machine to make books ready for shipment. Book stores, libraries, publishers, and other organizations use a book shrink wrap machine to safely store and conserve books for historical or practical reasons. A shrink wrap machine makes the job easy and quick with excellent results.

Shrink Wrap Machine for Food

Shrink wrap for food preservation and transportation is another example of shrink wrap having commercial and residential applications. Let’s look at food service business uses first. Restaurants suffer huge losses to food waste. A shrink wrap machine for food can preserve food products and ingredients, extending shelf life and saving money. Also, food products can be safely transported to the end user with shrink wrap.

At home, a shrink wrap machine for food can keep frozen foods fresher for longer. Hunters and fishermen use shrink wrap to keep their fish and game fresh for consumption. There is simply no better way to keep air and moisture out of your food than with shrink wrap.

Small Shrink Wrap Machine

Small businesses that are run from the comfort of home can use a small shrink wrap machine to scale their operation and grow. Jewelry, handmade soap, cosmetics, crafts, and more can be wrapped tight and secure. This will ensure that your customers receive their purchases damage-free, clean, and professionally packaged. There are near-endless solutions that a shrink wrap machine can provide to your business and your life. Finding the best shrink wrap machine for your needs can be simple with a little help from the right people. Find a shrink wrap machine and all of the accessories you require that will be the right mix of durability and performance you require. If you need any help at all, reach out to the experts at Pro-Tect Plastics.