Pro-Tect Your Boat During Weatherization Process:

Shrink Wrap is an impermeable material, so it is crucial to have some type of ventilation/ anti-moisture system in place if your boat is shrink wrapped for storage purposes. Moisture can lead to mold, mildew and bacteria that can ruin the interior and upholstery of the boat. Shrink wrap vents are a great, in-expensive choice. They are simple to install (our vents come w/ step-by-step straightforward instructions).  The “Louver Vent” is a 2 piece, self-sealing, adhesive vent. The vent cover is applied to keep weather and debris out. Another economical alternative is industrial desiccant bags, formulated for boats and equipment. One 300 gram bag can guard a 12ft. boat- no problem! It’s important to make sure your boat is clean inside and out before shrink wrapping. If there is a chance you may need to enter your wrapped boat during the weatherization period, install zipper hatch doors for easy access. You can also get different sized zippers to create your own custom entrance. Protecting your asset from moisture is key to a successful weatherization. It’s an inexpensive step that saves headache and money down the road. Use these boat storage shrink wrap tips the next time your boat goes into storage.

Don’t Skip this Step When Shrink Wrapping Your Boats!

Weatherization protective boat shrink wrap

Use Vents or Desiccants to Protect your boat