11 Game Changing Uses for Shrink Wrap Life Hacks

Life Hack: (noun) a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing a day-to-day task or activity; a hack.

Do shortcuts and tips for reducing clutter and chaos make you giddy? Are you all about organization and efficiency, running your household like a well-oiled machine? When someone shares a technique for simplifying things do you wonder, “why didn’t I think of that?” If you said “yes” in response to any of these questions, you are a life hacker and you are going to love this post. Life can be hard. Make it easier with these 11 life hacks using shrink wrap at home.

What You Need to
Shrink Wrap at Home

After you read all the useful ways that shrink wrap can be used at home, you are going to want to get started shrink wrapping things up! All you need is shrink wrap film and a heat source. Shrink wrap film comes in rolls, sheets, and bags. Some films offer UV protection and others are flame retardant, too. Pick the formula or format that will work best for your needs. Some people think that using a hair dryer is fine for shrink wrapping. However, it is best to use a heat gun that is specifically designed to heat and shrink the shrink wrap film. 

#1 – Wrap food in shrink wrap

One of the most common ways that people use shrink wrap at home is to store food. Shrink wrap forms an airtight seal around food. This helps with food preservation. Reduce food waste and save money by using shrink wrap for food. It can be used to store pantry items that need to last longer than usual. For example, if you stock up on a particular product that is discounted but won’t be able to consume it all in a timely manner. Shrink wrap it to extend shelf life!

You may think that you can just shrink wrap with saran wrap and get the same results. Wrong! Have you ever tried to freeze meat in saran wrap? Before long, it will be freezer burned. This doesn’t happen with shrink wrap. Seal frozen foods tighter with shrink wrap and they will stay fresher, longer!

#2 – Shrink wrap for books

Shrink wrap books to keep them safe from damage caused by moisture, sun exposure, and dust. Perhaps you have an original edition of a time honored classic. Keep it in the best shape possible and preserve it so that it can be treasured and enjoyed for generations to come. This tip also works wonders when you have to ship books or when you pack up and move. A shrink wrapped book will not open up in transit. Pages do not get torn or folded and spines are left in tact.

You may be wondering how to shrink wrap a book. It’s easy! Simply wrap a sheet of shrink wrap film around the book or slip the book into a shrink wrap bag. Gently apply heat with your shrink wrap gun and watch as the film shrinks and tightens around the book with ease. If you have a large library in need of shrink wrapping or would prefer to let a professional do the shrink wrapping for you, simply do an online search for “where can I get a book shrink wrapped.” Local providers will be happy to help with your shrink wrap book project.

#3 – Fix Shoelaces with Shrink Wrap

You know those little plastic ends on shoelaces? Do you know what they are called? Here’s a new vocabulary word you can use to impress your friends. Fun fact – they are called anglets. When they fall off, your shoelaces are left to unravel. Not anymore! You can use shrink wrap to replace every anglet.

#4 – Wrap Up Your Shoes

Are you really into shoes? Do you have a sneaker collection that could outfit a basketball team? Keep your kicks looking clean and fresh! Over time, white sneakers can turn yellow. Nobody wants that. Keep your white kicks super bright with the protection only shrink wrap can provide. When you shrink wrap a shoe, you are giving it security that will last. Shoelaces don’t get all the shrink wrapping fun! Your shoes could use some shrink wrap, too.

#5 – Take Care of Your Art

Shrink wrap serves multiple purposes with art. Take paintings or prints, for example. Anyone who collects art knows that ultraviolet rays can damage artwork. This is true even if the piece is framed behind glass. Protect your collection by wrapping it in shrink wrap film that has UV protection. Shrink wrap also protects the surface of prints and paintings from dust, fingerprints, finger residue, and scuffs.

#6 – Shrink Wrap Your Music

Is your vinyl collection the envy of your friends? Maybe CDs are your thing and you have shelf upon shelf of music you’ve been building up over decades. Are you not really listening to that format anymore but want to keep your collection anyway? This is a common concern for folks. Shrink wrap CDs or records and keep them safe. Shrink wrapping is also a great way to make a demo CD or album you produced yourself be packaged in a more professional way.

shrink wrap use on jet skis
Jet Skis Shrink Wrapped for Storage

#7 – Shrink Wrap Your Boat or Jet ski

Sadly, the boating season must come to an end. Don’t leave your boat or jet ski out in the cold without protection! Winter can be hard on a marine craft. Shrink wrap conforms precisely to every curve and corner of your boat. There is not a single space open to nesting animals or wind. Marine shrink wrap is specifically designed to shed water and even the heaviest snow loads. It provides the absolute best waterproofing and moisture control available. If you are not sure how to properly shrink wrap your boat, we can help! We’ve got step-by-step instructions and all the supplies you need to protect that investment until that first spring day back on the water.

#8 – Give Your Product Packaging an Upgrade

Are you running a business out of your home? Before you ship out a single order, stock up on shrink wrap supplies. Shrink wrap not only helps to ensure that your products arrive in one piece, they give your products a professional look and feel. Homemade soaps, gift baskets, used board games and books you are reselling…all can be delivered with a “wow” factor using shrink wrap. Level the playing field with bigger businesses by using shrink wrap to package your products.

#9 – Reduce Your Heating Bills by Shrink Wrapping Windows

This one is a life hackers dream! With nothing more than shrink wrap and shrink wrap tape, you can support the insulation of your home, reduce drafts, and improve energy efficiency all winter long. Better energy efficiency means lower bills. Manage your energy bills and budget like the boss you are by shrink wrapping your windows.

#10 – Keep Firewood Dry

Burn wood faster and keep it dry longer by shrink wrapping bundles of firewood. Your firewood will last until the next wood burning season if you shrink wrap bundles of it. Keep water and bugs out of the wood to prevent decomposition. It also makes a handy way to transport bundles of firewood for a camping trip without making a mess in your car or leaving the wood exposed to rain in the bed of your truck.

Black Construction plastic
Black Construction Film

#11 – Conquer Construction Dust with Shrink Wrap

Remodeling produces dust. Lots and lots of dust. Covering furniture with bed sheets and taping off doorways with plastic sheeting can’t come close to offering the level of protection that shrink wrap can provide. Before you make the first cut on those new floor boards, set up the room right by shrink wrapping furniture. At the end of your project, you will be so glad you did! The shrink wrap is air tight and won’t allow any of that annoying dust to infiltrate your furniture.

shrink wrap used for plane engine
Plane Engine Shrink Wrapped

#12 – Shrink Wrap for Moving

If you’ve even had to pack all of your belongings into stacks and stacks of boxes to move from one place to another, you know how much damage moving can cause. No matter how carefully you pack and seal your boxes, the things inside end up getting tossed around. Boxes end up crushed and opened and things break along the way. Avoid these costly and upsetting mishaps by shrink wrapping the boxes shut. This hack also works great for boxes of personal items that are stored in your attic or garage. If you want to know how to shrink wrap a box at home, give us a call. We will be happy to guide you.

Shrink wrap and a heat gun are some of the best tools a life hacker can have on hand. Once you start using shrink wrap around your house, you will see why so many people use it. You may even become shrink wrap happy! Shrink wrap is versatile, inexpensive, and easy to use. Happy life hacking with shrink wrap!